AvanChair is a project focused on the development of innovative solutions for sustainable mobility and to improve the daily life of people with disabilities.

AvanChair is an innovative concept of connected wheelchair, which incorporates the most recent technological solutions, including a state of the art robotic transfer system to move easily from  the chair to other surfaces,  microcomputers,  sensors,  an innovative  traction system, collision prevention systems and a navigation system.

Several studies – among which “Kaye, Kang, LaPlante : Mobility Device Use in the United States” – demonstrates that many disable users are not able to move themselves to and from their own wheelchair.

Making this transfer easier will help disable users undertaking common tasks, like getting on a car, using a toilet or going to bed, more comfortably.

Moreover, thanks to a partnership with the  Italian Paintball Federation, a patent have been registered for a device conceived to make it easier to practice paintball for people with disabilities. This will in turn serve a double purpose: it will enhance the possibility for disabled people to get familiar with this discipline and it will help the socialization of veterans, through the realization of tournaments that will foresee the participation of mixed teams made up of former Army colleagues.